April 14th, 2010 was the last of 4 classes for a select group of business owners. The class was co-authored by Mari Beth Gavlak, Susan White of ShoreBank Enterprises and Bob Shordock of Weco Fund, Inc.

Financial Foundations for Success
Four week class of two hour sessions each
  Sponsored by: MBG Advisors, LLC, ShoreBank Enterprises, and WECO Fund, Inc.
Description: Provide foundation and set of tools for true financial wealth creation, and implement program to sustain that wealth creation.

Provide periodic follow up to insure that the concepts become habits – "Addict" you to the process of creating wealth.

The classes were the kick off of a two year process that the team; Mari Beth Gavlak, Susan White and Bob Shordock will monitor the implementation of processes and programs along with monitoring the financial progress of such changes.

Other Classes Presented By Mari Beth Gavlak of MBG Advisors for Construction Employers Association.

Construction of a Healthy Worker's Compensation Program
written by: MBG Advisors, LLC

"Construction Accounting 101"
Eight-week course
  Sponsored by: Construction Employers Association
Description: Learn basic accounting concepts and construction-specific practices in this course that introduces attendees to job cost accounting fundamentals. No prior accounting experience needed.

"Construction Accounting 102"
Sponsored by: Construction Employers Association
Description: This class presents an overview – from job costing to financial reporting and uses a sample contractor, a variety of problems and several exercises in which participants evaluate real-life situations.

"Cash Management"
Sponsored by: Construction Employers Association
Description: By managing cash effectively, it's possible for the construction financial manager (CFM) to generate more profit on a project than the project manager. This program covers the principles of the cash flow life cycle, optimizing cash flow and cash forecasting. This is an introductory course; however, a basic understanding of construction accounting and financial management is recommended.
Earns 4 CPE credits.

Mari Beth Gavlak is also a certified instructor for Associated General Contractors of America Supervisory Training Programs (STP).

An example of classes she has conducted:
Unit 1 Leadership & Motivation
Unit 1 Managing the Project




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